Why Use LiveLab?

Besides being one of the most innovative, creative and service driven laboratories around, doing business through LiveLab brings with it a number of other benefits.

Why Switch to LiveLab?

  • We were the first laboratory to offer real time analysis results
  • The first UK laboratory to move to the second generation of repid test methods for mycotoxins
  • The first UK Laboratory to use the more powerful Diode Array NIR unit
  • We can reduce your sampling and analysis costs
  • Send your data direct from our website to your clients, in your own chosen format
  • Analysis results delivered in a real time feed direct to buying desks
  • Samples direct from producer reduces your costs
  • Secure knowledge of the provenance of each sample taken, coupled with complete traceability
  • Results are managed electronically and so eliminating human error
  • Results from those producers who approach us individually will generally be available to all associated clients
  • Legally guaranteed impartiality and confidentiality of business information

Consulting us for your outsourcing needs will give you a clean, methodical and entirely fresh approach to the way you currently do business. We are confident that we can increase your margins or decrease your outgoings through a professional analytical approach.