LiveLab Quality Assurance

The quality and accuracy of the tests conducted is of utmost importance to us.

To ensure accuracy in everything that we do, LiveLab has a strong internal quality system. At the heart of this system is our commitment to the internationally recognised standard for competence - ISO 17025. Working towards UKAS accreditation is very specific to particular sample matrices methodology. The existing accreditation we hold covers a range of chemical tests in the agricultural sector.

LiveLab also participates fully in a range of performance testing schemes as outlined in our accreditation page. To ensure utmost transparency in everything that we do, we publish our PT scheme membership numbers here as well in order that customers can openly check on our performance.

Our Accreditation

  • Gafta GTAS Analyst – No. 18

Our Proficiency Testing Memberships

  • LGC MAPS Malt and Barley Analysis – No. 204
  • DON PT Mycotoxin Scheme – No. 7
  • GATFA PT Scheme for Animal Feeds – No. 238
  • UKGrain NIR Network – No. 152
  • LGC AFPS – No. 58
  • NABIM Milling Wheat PT Scheme
  • LGC Aquacheck – No. AQ5055
  • ISE UK Soils PT Scheme

We also hold a DEFRA licence to handle animal by-products, and to store and dispose of ABPR material.

Laboratory quality control and assurance standards are essential in order to ensure meaningful analytical results that bring confidence to the customer. That keyword of "confidence" underlies everything that we strive to do. LiveLab has strong systems in place to assure the quality of all analytical data.